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5X Certified BI Professional and Analytics Consultant

About Ndz Anthony

Ndz Anthony is a 5x certified BI Expert. His level of expertise and years of experience makes him one of the most compelling professionals in the data industry. 

His reach transcends SAP Analytics Cloud, SAP BW, SAP HANA, SAP Data Warehouse Cloud, Snowflake and other Business Intelligence stacks. 

Ndz has worked for the likes of SAP, Datameer, Holistics BI Deloitte,etc. He has also had the privilege of leading several BI projects across various LOBs. 

Anthony is passionate and dedicated to bringing core insights about the BI Landscape to interested BI enthusiasts.

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Business Intelligence, SAP Analytics Cloud

Ndz Anthony

Business Intelligence Expert | SAP Analytics | Snowflake | HANA | The Writing BI Analyst

It's more than just a profession; it's a lifestyle. Here are a few of my professional hobbies:


Business Intelligence


SAP Consulting

See what my clients say

Nicholai Schuler Passionate Data Scientist | Udemy Instructor Partner | 130.000+ Students in 180+ Countries

"Ndz is working for 8 months with me, I can recommend him for his deep technical knowledge in Snowflake and data warehousing but also for his intelligence, dedication and outstanding work spirit. I could always rely on him which is something very valuable! I am very pleased to working with him and hope we'll continue to do so for a long time!."

Haruna Inuwa Editorial Board Member, SPE TWA

"Ndz is not just a senior I always look up to, he has been a driving source of support and instrumental in my journey to becoming a Certified SAP Application Consultant. He combines intelligence and speaks in most compelling way. If you are looking for a giant yet humble business intelligence analyst, Ndz is the man."

Lexy Ryman Director of Marketing at Datameer

"Ndz is fantastic to work with! He goes above and beyond with his writing. He asks the right questions to ensure the content aligns with the goal of the article. I've been so pleased to work with him. You couldn't ask for a better, more responsive person on your team!"

Favour Joseph George Freelance Graphic Designer

"Ndz Anthony is a highly skilled Business Intelligence Analyst and a great tutor. Working under him has been amazing and has improved my analytical and IT skills."

Bruno Ebe Advanced Analytics & Management

"An Intelligent man. A great and Zealous Mind. I worked with Ndz on an SAP Analytics project with Oilserve and he played a key role towards the success of the project. He learnt the CDS technology in few days and delivered this own tasks swiftly. All the best Man."

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